The Frontiers Planet Prize: now open and offering 3 prizes of 1 million Swiss Francs each

CBAS is supporting the Frontiers Planet Prize, an initiative of the Frontiers Research Foundation (hereafter referred to as 'The Foundation'), as a National Nominating Body.

Through this initiative, the Foundation hopes to sponsor a new international competition that will award three prizes of CHF 1 million each for research that has the greatest potential global impact on one or more of the following nine planetary research areas:

1.     Climate change

2.     Loss of biodiversity

3.     Biogeochemical flows

4.     Ocean acidification

5.     Land use Change

6.     Overuse of freshwater

7.     Stratospheric ozone layer

8.     Atmospheric aerosol loading

9.     Novel entities

The Frontiers Planet Prize aims to support the necessary research breakthroughs in sustainability science – the breakthroughs that will accelerate the solutions needed to restore the environment and see maintained healthy planet. The Prize is being launched in context of the idea that humans, a major driver of global change, need to return the Earth from the brink of crossing irreversible boundaries to a state of balanced coexistence. The international scientific community is responding, and the role of research and the application of science will be crucial to not only our health, but also the health of the planet.

CBAS is therefore inviting sustainability scientists to compete for the Prize.

The Prize will recognize the best research published in established scientific journals, with robust peer-review and transparent publication procedures, within the past 2 years. The CHF 1 million prize will be given to the host institutions of each winning researcher to advance the scientist's breakthrough research. 

All interested research are requested to submit the “Scientist Application Form” before the 29th of November 2022 to For more information regarding the prize please visit the Frontiers Planet Prize website (

The National Champions will be announced in February 2023 and the International Champions on Earth Day, 22 April. The Award Ceremony will take place on 27 April in Montreux, Switzerland.

Download the Scientist Application Form and Scientists Brochure.

From The International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals (CBAS)