The DBAR Big Earth Data Working Group (DBAR-DATA) was established to improve regional Earth observation data cooperation. The main task of DBAR-DATA is to build and maintain the big data platform for DBAR, which will be the fundamental facility of DBAR.

LI Guoqing

Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Silap Boupha
Asia and Pacific Affairs of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Lao P.D.R.

Qin Yuchu
Associate Professor

Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Overview of Activities
DBAR-DATA worked to develop a platform for data storage, integration, retrieval and sharing among the Belt and Road countries. It will work on three efforts: (1) to expand the data resources from more providers; (2) to facilitate cloud based big data analysis platforms; and (3) to train more users in developing countries to learn the use of Big Earth Data to support the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) study in their home countries. 

DBAR-DATA focuses on workshops and training activities and has been involved in various disaster response activities in the Belt and Road region. It has several internal meetings and training workshops planned.

Network Development
DBAR-DATA has developed wide range of partnerships at global, regional, and national levels, including with entities in the private sectors. At international and regional levels its partnerships have been primarily with science programs and data sharing initiatives and frameworks. Local and private partnerships reflect on enhancing its resources and computing capability, necessary for their objectives.  It is working to develop connections in Russia and Africa for data partnership and research and development.

DBAR-DATA has delivered multiple cloud-based computing services platform and portals, including, BEST cloud and emergency data response services, for users in the Belt and Road countries, which are well in line with its objectives. It has reported quite a few active projects to develop specialized cloud based Big Earth Data services. It has planned workshops to train individuals in partnering countries in cloud-based systems. And it has also made satisfactory progress on an international proposal for developing a data processing, sharing and training service with global data coverage for Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states.

SDGs Addressed
DBAR-DATA supports all SDGs efforts through qualified and continuous observation data products, and provide the scientists with platform to handle Big Earth Data smoothly and easily.