The DBAR Agriculture and Food Security Working Group (DBAR-AGRI) aims to enhance the capacity of partner countries in the field of monitoring food resources in the framework of DBAR. It will focus on capacity building by designing and transferring an advanced food remote sensing monitoring system, building upon the CropWatch system, to the Belt and Road countries by joint research, field trips, calibration, and customization.

WU Bingfang


Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shukri Ahemd

Senior Economist
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Overview of Activities
DBAR-AGRI released the implementation plan laying out the key strategy points for its future endeavors. It has some activities organized to prepare for the implementation stages. It will improve approaches for crop monitoring, rangeland monitoring, horticulture for food, soil and degradation. One of the key objectives is to customize CropWatch cloud for the Belt and Road countries to independently carry out agricultural monitoring by themselves.
DBAR-AGRI has employed cooperative activities with international organizations and enhancing agricultural service provisions; primarily that of CropWatch system in the Belt and Road countries through implementation studies, technical trainings, demonstrations, as key strategies for achieving their SDG goals.

DBAR-AGRI organized meeting of the DBAR-AGRI group and for the DBAR ICoE-Lusaka. The expressed commitment to work towards developing CropWatch System for SADC countries.

Network Development
The multiple partnerships of DBAR-AGRI have been established predominantly in African region and with international bodies such as the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations etc. DBAR-AGRI will look to utilize DBAR-ICoE-Lusaka to improve their networking and partnerships.

It has identified to target research projects, publications, demonstration programs, technology transfer and training workshops as their main deliverables for the next phase.

SDGs Addressed
The activities of DBAR-AGRI have been reported to be in line with SDGs 2: Zero Hunger.