The DBAR Disaster Risk Reduction Working Group (DBAR-DISASTER) aims to integrate Earth observation and social vulnerability data to promote the implementation of the Sendai Framework in the Belt and Road region.



International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals
Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Rajib Shaw
Integrated Research on Disaster Risk IPO

Overview of Activities
DBAR-DISASTER focused on implementation-oriented research in the field of Earth observation based disaster risk reduction. It also worked to facilitate dialogue among stake holders for utilizing space-based Earth observation data for disaster risk reduction, training and capacity building activities for young professionals and researchers. DBAR-DISASTER will continue to focus on the objectives that have been focused during the preparatory phase to develop data products to help understanding of disaster risk and facilitate mitigation efforts towards sustainable development.
In addition to continue their research-oriented strategy it will focus on collaborative efforts with international partners to develop methodology and standards and move towards cloud computing environment to facilitate Big Earth Data analysis for disaster risk reduction.

DBAR-DISASTER contributed its efforts to a number of international events, it is also working with CASEarth scientists to develop a Big Earth Data platform dedicated to disaster risk reduction. DBAR-DISASTER will work on quite a few plan activities mostly focused on workshops, conferences and meetings. It also will work towards mini-projects and case studies for show casing best practices and data for disasters risk reduction related SDGs indicators.

Network Development
DBAR-DISASTER developed multiple partnerships with primarily regional countries that have similar disaster risk challenges as China. The partnerships were mostly established with universities to develop research and people to people contacts. It has also actively partnered with international organizations to organize events for capacity development and training.It will continue to strengthen existing relationships and develop cooperation and collaborations with international organizations and research institutes towards common goals.

DBAR-DISASTER developed multiple data products related to different disasters in the Belt and Road countries and has also produced technical reports on the issue of disaster risk reduction. In addition, it has also developed a disaster map of the Belt and Road. Quite a few projects meetings, initiatives and frameworks have been reported to be under discussion, in development or ongoing that will result in multiple deliverables related to policy papers, data products and technical reports.

SDGs Addressed
DBAR-DISASTER will work towards multiple SDGs targets but during the preparatory phase has primarily focused on the SDGs 11 and 13. It has targeted these goals by providing data products to facilitate monitoring and analysis of indicators for these goals.