In the year 2022, the DBAR Science Program will transition from Implementation Phase I to Implementation Phase II which will formally begin from 2023 and last till 2026. Since the start of the DBAR program new regional and international developments necessitates revisions to the DBAR program to better serve our community and reorient our resources and efforts to focus on data, knowledge, and technology gaps to achieve sustainable development in the Belt and Road Region. The onset of the global pandemic, the rapidly growing importance of digital technologies and the UN’s efforts towards improving Global Digital Cooperation, the start of the 2030 Agenda’s Decade of Action, and the establishment of the International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals (CBAS) all provide new outlooks and opportunities for DBAR to contribute to global implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Considering these developments, this document has been drafted to define the strategic objective of the DBAR Program for the Implementation Phase II (2023 - 2026).

The DBAR Strategy (2023-2026) is under preparing for the interim version.