Get involved in DBAR community

You are welcomed to be our DBAR communities to jointly improve SDG monitoring, promote data sharing and support policymaking using big data of Earth observations.

You and your organization can apply for:

Working Groups, the collaborative networks committed to planning, organizing, and reporting research in their specific pre-defined domains focusing on big Earth data to promote science, technology, and innovation for the SDGs, and together constitute a global network;  

Task Forces, the special groups approved by the Science Committee to focus for a limited time on a specific research or technical challenges related to the vision of DBAR over a defined time period, carrying out research, academic, or technical/advisory activities as appropriate; 

International Centers of Excellence (ICoEs), which facilitate data and information sharing and promote academic exchange, scientific interactions, networking, and collaboration on the stated objectives and mission of DBAR.

Please find more details on the page: 
Rules of Procedures