HAN Qunli

HAN Qunli is currently the Executive Director of IRDR-IPO (Integrated Research on Disaster Risk – International Programme Office), under co-sponsorship of ICSU, ISSC and UNISDR and with financial support of China. Before entering IRDR in September 2017, he was working for UNESCO, as the Director of the Division of Ecological and Earth Sciences, and the Secretary of the MAB Programme (June 2013-August 2017). Started in 1990, he served at different duty stations for UNESCO’s environmental sciences, especially Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme in Europe, Southeast Asia and Central Asia, and took management positions including the Director of Tehran Cluster Office (July 2007-July 2011) and Director of Executive Office of UNESCO’s Natural Sciences (2011-2013). Qunli graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in computer sciences in 1980 and did his fellowship study in environmental information systems in 1985-1986 in Italy. As a researcher in the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) since 1980, he carried out several projects in Xinjiang and Loess Plateau under the Commission for Integrated Survey of Natural Resources (1981-1989) of CAS.