The DBAR ICoE-Potenza Established and Launched Space Archaeology Sino-Italian Joint Investigation

On May 14th, 2019, Prof. WANG Xinyuan, Co-Chair of DBAR-Heritage led a delegation to attend the inaugural ceremony of DBAR International Center of Excellence Potenza (ICoE-Potenza) in Italy.

The DBAR ICoE-Potenza is one of the eight overseas ICoEs approved by DBAR to be jointly operated by Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis of the Italian National Research Council (CNR-IMAA) and Institute of Archeological Heritage - monuments and Sites of Italian National Research Council (CNR-IBAM). Prof. Rosa Lasaponara of CNR-IMAA serves as the Eirector of the center, and Prof. WANG Xinyuan and Nicola Masini of CNR-IBAM will serve as the Science Directors.

Prof. Vincenzo Lapenna, Director of CNR-IMAA, delivered a speech, indicating that the establishment of DBAR ICoE-Potenza is a typical example of international cooperation between Chinese and Italian scientific and technological institutions under the Belt and Road Initiative. She hoped that China and Italy would use the center as a platform to make outstanding contributions to world heritage monitoring and protection. Prof. Rosa Lasaponara introduced the goals and missions of the center, as well as operational mechanism and collaborative research schema. She made specific recommendations on developing capabilities through data sharing, talents exchange, technical cooperation and other mechanisms.

After the ceremony, bilateral academic conference titled “Recording, Monitoring, Protection and Sustainable Development of China-Italian Natural and Cultural Heritage” was held. Prof. WANG Xinyuan delivered a report on “DBAR-Heritage: Towards the Sustainable Development of Nature-Cultural Heritage”, elaborating the idea, vision, goal, research framework and cooperation model of DBAR-Heritage, and introducing the scientific strategy of DBAR-Heritage to use the Big Earth Data platform to serve Belt and Road nature-cultural heritage sustainable development, as well as the progress in related research areas.

The conference also discussed that DBAR ICoE-Potenza will define sustainable development of natural and cultural heritage as the core goal, under the DBAR scientific framework, with the support of DBAR-Heritage, and in collaboration with the other DBAR working groups. It will focus research on the space-time evolution and driving mechanism of heritage ontology and study effects of environmental changes, influenced by human activities, and climate change utilizing Big Earth Data. It was also decided that technical achievements of DBAR ICoE-Potenza would be widely promoted for conservation and sustainable use of natural and cultural heritages along the Belt and Road, and to improve public awareness. DBAR ICoE-Potenza will also work to provide big data services, facilitating implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Address by Prof. Vincenzo Lapenna, Director of CNR-IMAA and Prof. Rosa Lasaponara, Director of DBAR ICoE-Potenza

Prof. WANG Xinyuan, Co-Chair of DBAR-Heritage give a presentation

DBAR ICoE-Potenza Inauguration Ceremony