The 8th Digital Belt and Road Conference (DBAR2024)


The Digital Belt and Road Program (DBAR) was initiated as a collaborative science program working with various partner organizations from both the public and private sectors, international programs and initiatives, and international agencies. DBAR is focused to develop a cooperation framework to establish new “digital routes” taking advantages of the rapidly developing global digital infrastructure, and services, emulating the connectivity, cooperation, and prosperity of the traditional Silk Road in the modern digital age.
The DBAR Conference is its annual academic conference for scientists, engineers, and decision makers from around the world for a multi-stakeholder engagement to discuss on improving scientific partnerships and networking towards collaborative and collective efforts for global and regional sustainable development, exchange and share the knowledge about implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by digital technology.

DBAR 2024 will facilitate global dialogue on research, capacity, and infrastructure challenges world widely, promote Big Earth Data science and technology for application in informed policy and decision support systems and align collective efforts towards achieving the SDGs for a sustainable future.

The theme of the 8th Digital Belt and Road Conference (DBAR2024) is “Digital Routes towards Global Sustainability”, which will be held from October 23 to 24, 2024 in Suzhou, China.

DBAR 2024 will feature, in-depth discussions on new ideas, novel research, and international cooperation to address global challenges restricting sustainable development in the Belt and Road region. These topics will be explored in the following sessions, but not limited to:
·         Data Sharing for Sustainable Development Goals
·         Agricultural Monitoring and Food Security for Sustainable Development
·         Disaster Risk Reduction towards Sustainable Development
·         Environmental Change Assessment and Sustainable Development
·         Nature and Culture Heritage Conservation
·         Water and Land Management for Sustainable Development
·         SDGs achieving in Urban Sustainability
·         Sustainable Development and Management of Coast and Ocean
·         Climate Action in High Mountain Asia and the Arctic
Further details, information and arrangements for registration will be announced soon. 

We look forward to hosting you at DBAR2024!