The DBAR vision is the promotion of international cooperation that renders Earth observation science, data, technology and applications integral to deal with environmental and societal challenges and attaining SDGs in the Belt and Road region.

DBAR is conceived to deal with numerous challenges:

  • Advance scientific knowledge on the Earth system processes determining the state and the evolution of hot–spots in the Belt and Road countries, particularly the sites and areas most impacted by the "construction" of the Belt and Road;
  • Develop and implement an effective mechanism for multi–lateral cooperation involving many countries in the Belt and Road region where such cooperation is unprecedented;
  • Identify and address "show–stoppers" in current human and technological resources that may block the progress of the initiative.

The uniqueness of DBAR is the goal of building upon the diverse Earth observation capacities in the Belt and Road countries in Asia, Africa and Europe through a comprehensive and well–funded action.